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With amicable and dedicated men and women who are passionate about health care and medical practices, and who are continuously involved in assessment of students’ performance for both formative and summative purposes, the College employs a combination of educational strategies aim at fostering optimal attitude, cognitive and professional practice of the graduates.

Each member of academic staff is actively involved in teaching, research and health care practice as well as evaluation of the curriculum delivery and achievement of intended learning objectives through formative and summative student evaluation.

Staff Directory

While committed to its core aims, members of staff nurtured the College through trying times and they made their impacts.

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Alumni relation

The College’s Alumni Associations promote and support activities that connect the College, alumni and students together.

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Academic education

With sincere training curricula that is taught by exceptional and dedicated academic staff, students develops a clear orientation towards health care and its delivery.

You will discover that, clearly, the educational goals and objectives as well as the principles guiding educational programmes of the College are extraordinary.

Education perspectives

In line with the national objectives of medical education in Nigeria, the objectives of the OAU College of Health Sciences curriculum are designed in such a way that certain specific measurable knowledge, performance, attitude and process objectives are acquired by medical graduates.

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