Prospective Student

Prospective Student

Studying at the OAU Medical and Dental Schools incorporate both science and technology in a world that recognises the inter- and multi-disciplinary nature of healthcare delivery.

The OAU Medical and Dental Schools provide students with training curricula that is at the frontier of knowledge bordering on medical ethics, professionalism, and health-related informatics.

Studying at the College is to prepare to play leading role in multi-disciplinary healthcare delivery and contributing to the management of issues of global health relevance. Since inception, OAU Medical and Dental Schools has been a key player in the supply of highly trained medical graduates to the Nigerian health sector.

Coming to this citadel of learning is to achieve a milestone in gaining an enviable medical education and experience in healthcare delivery. You have come to learn, imbibe and contribute to a culture designed and prepared to help you excel in the rapidly changing field of modern medicine.

Join us as we continue to develop curricula that have a history of excellence in medical education in Nigeria and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Student life

Gaining entry into Africa’s most beautiful campus is the first step to becoming a student of the prestigious College of Health Sciences and imbibing in an enviable culture of innovative research and development in healthcare delivery.
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Student organizations within the College assist their members in developing themselves in major areas of endeavour including social and communal activities

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