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ProvostI welcome you very warmly to the homepage of the College of Health Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. Unlike many Colleges of Medicine, we are proud to be called a College of Health Sciences because from inception, the founding fathers of our College prioritized the integrated training of scientist health professionals who can function in multiple roles and professional capacities, including health promotive, disease preventive, curative, and rehabilitative functions. Decades after, we have not departed from this unique background, as we continue to live and work in a semi-urban, peaceful and natural environment, devoid of the many distractions and stress of cosmopolitan cities. Our students and faculty therefore bond better, and tend to focus more on the curriculum and service, and this heavily reflects on the unrivaled quality of our products (who are globally recognized and sought after) and the ground breaking research our faculty engage in.

Our strength lies in the number, skills and expertise of our teaching faculty. This is a rich mix of very accomplished and distinguished senior ones who are globally and nationally recognized as mentors and leaders in the field, to a large pool of brilliant, vibrant and upwardly mobile younger ones, who continue to bring the much needed innovations into our teaching, service and research. Little wonder, we are the destination of choice for large numbers of young men and women who wish to build a career in the Health Sciences, and already qualified professionals seeking higher education via taught courses or clinical expertise in the various professional endeavours. We also have a rich and vibrant Alumni base, globally and locally, and this has become a tower of strength for the College. The alumni, who are distinguished professionals in their own right and are globally recognized across disciplines, continue to fund developmental projects that support training, service and research, and their contributions are unquantifiable.

The College comprises three academic Faculties of Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences and Dentistry, and a multidisciplinary Institute of Public Health that serves as our inter-phase with the outside world of Public Health training, practice and service. We award undergraduate degrees in Medicine & Surgery, Dentistry, Nursing Science and Medical Rehabilitation (comprising Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy). We also award graduate degrees (Master of Science, Master of Public Health, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy) in various disciplines across the three faculties, and plans are at an advanced stage to introduce other undergraduate degree programmes in Nutrition, Clinical Audiology, Physiology, Medical Biochemistry and Anatomy.

Our sister institution, the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex (OAUTHC) is a fertile laboratory for the Clinical Sciences, and has recorded several firsts, among public institutions in Nigeria. Complex and sophisticated services have become a routine here, including open heart surgeries, renal transplantation, and retina surgeries. The mix of services on offer continue to rise and patients come from both very far distances and near to access services based on the reputation of our personnel and the unusual amount of time devoted to patient care by both junior and senior faculty.

On behalf of our students, staff and Alumni, I welcome you to the College of Health Sciences, and look forward to receiving you in person in the not distant future.



Professor of Public Health/Community Medicine &