History of CHS

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With the aim of improving health care delivery, the then Faculty of Health Sciences was formally instituted in the then University of Ife in 1971 after three years of careful planning and in response to the demand of the Government of the then Western State of Nigeria in 1967 for the establishment of a Medical School in the State.

In 1967, a Planning Committee of the University of Ife Senate was constituted. This comprised of representatives from the Federal Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health of the Western State Government, the Faculties of Medicine of the Universities of Ibadan and Lagos, and the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Ife. The objective of the Committee was to develop an educational programme for the medical school that could primarily address the health needs of the Western State.

While the educational and administrative policy of the Faculty fully embraces the traditional tripod of education, research and service, it places more emphasis on service than is usual among other Nigerian Faculties of medicine.


An International Working Party comprising representatives of the Inter-University Council and Nigerians who served on the Planning Committee of the University of Ife Senate met in January 1971 to prepare a final report for Senate which recommendations the University Senate endorsed. The Faculty was formally inauguration on the 8 May, 1972 with Professor T. A. I. Grillo, of blessed memory, as its foundation Dean.

During a meeting in 1971, it was decided that the Faculty’s teaching hospitals would comprise a central primary hospital with a conglomerate of other state hospitals. With time, the clinical training facilities became consolidated in two main hospital – Ife Hospital Unit and Wesley Guild hospital, while community health services and training take place at Comprehensive Health Centre Imesi-Ile, Urban Comprehensive Health Centre, Ile-Ife and Multipurpose Health Centre, Ilesa, with the main dental hospital existing in the College.

First fruits

Foundation students were admitted into the Faculty in September 1972, though a group of prospective Health Sciences students had been admitted for the University Preliminary Courses in the Faculty of Sciences in September 1971.

Management and administration

Through the foundation years, 1972 to 1975, even beyond the time that the Federal Government took over the University of Ife, the College has enjoyed the services of passionate leaders who nurtured it through trying times.

Initially functioning as a Faculty organised into divisions, the College has expanded, with effect from 1995, into three faculties and one institute to allow for faster development of the various disciplines, engender shared responsibility of leadership and decentralization of authority.

Presently, the College is headed by a Provost, who is assisted by a Deputy Provost, in administering the undertakings and activities of the whole college while each Faculty is headed by a Dean and the Institute is headed by a Director.

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