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The Department of Radiology has been involved in the following:

  • Teaching Radiology to Medical Students and other students in related Discipline.
  • Training postgraduate doctors to become Lecturers and specialist in Radiology.
  • Focusing and sub-specializing in Radiology to enhance effective teaching, research and service delivery.
  • Carrying out research on Radiology and Imaging as well as in related subjects.
  • Teaching in other Faculties in the College (students from Dentistry and Basic Medical Sciences).

Short-term goals

  • The definite short-term goals of the Department are to provide excellent teaching to medical students, excellent guidance and training to resident doctors, and excellent radiological services to the local, national and international communities.
  • The Department also intends to participate in and carry out research in order to contribute its own quota to advancement of diagnostic radiology.

Long-term goals

  • To encourage subspecialisation in Radiology to improve academic and scientific growth e.g. paediatric radiology, neuroradiology, vascular radiology etc.
  • To develop a service unit of the Department, whereby Radiologists in the department can offer radiological services to members of the University Community as part of healthcare in the University Health Centre.

Research activities

Various research activities are going on with the use of the different imaging modalities e.g. USS, CT, Doppler, conventional radiography and Contrast studies.