Department of
Medical Rehabilitation

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History of the Department

The Department of Medical Rehabilitation was approved by the University Senate in February 1977. The same year, it took off with the training of Physical Therapists. The four year Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation was designed to train physical therapists (PTs) and occupational therapists (OTs) to provide rehabilitation services to those in need.

The physical therapy (PT) programme took off in 1977 and was reviewed in 1981. In order to realign the training of PTs & OTs with current advancement in technology, widening knowledge base and rising level of responsibility placed on these professionals, there was a need for curriculum review. The University Senate approved the newly revised five year Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation (PT & OT) programme in November, 2003 and thereafter employed lecturers in OT.

The five year programme commenced in 2005/2006 academic session due to the cancellation of the 2004/2005 academic session by the University Senate. Since then, the department has been graduating both PTs & OTs.

Course delivery

Academic activities are carried out through innovative course delivery mode including didactic lecture, student seminars, laboratory demonstration and clinical attendance.

About the Programme

The concept of the programme in Medical Rehabilitation is a holistic one. It involves the treatment and training of the patient for normal living in the physical, psychological, social and vocational senses.

Physical therapy entails the use of physical modalities (heat, light, sound, cold etc.) in a mechanically oriented milieu. The judicious use of exercise effects a better functioning of the musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and neuromuscular systems.

Occupational therapy involves the utilization of constructive and manipulative activities as media for therapy. Emphasis is placed on the use of occupation to close the gap between disability and ability.