Department of
Medical Biochemistry

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History of the Department

The Department of Medical Biochemistry was created by the University Governing Council in December 2010 to satisfy requirements of the Medical and Dental Council for accreditation of the Medical and Dental Programmes of the College of Health Sciences. Before then, Medical Biochemistry was taught under the Department of Chemical Pathology. With the new development, efforts are being made for the Department to take off and function effectively as a recognized unit of the University.


The Department is responsible for teaching and Research of Medical Biochemistry in the College. Our students include full time undergraduates in the Medical, Dental, Nursing and Medical Rehabilitation programmes. The Department is also involved with teaching part-time Bachelor of Nursing Science students in a programme coordinated by the Centre for Distance Learning of the University. In addition, we run a course for Medical Physics postgraduate students.

Biochemistry is a wide subject, so we do our best to teach our students the core concepts of the course and relate it to the practice of medicine.

Goals and Objectives

Our main objective is to prepare Medical, Dental, Nursing and Medical rehabilitation students for professional practice by helping them to learn the basics of Biochemical processes.

The knowledge of Biochemistry is essential for the study of Medicine and the subject is in fact referred to as the common Language of Medicine and other life Sciences. Since most diseases are manifestations of abnormalities of molecules, biochemical reactions and processes, a good understanding of these is essential for students of Medicine and other Health- related professions. It is believed that as long as Medical treatment is firmly grounded in knowledge of Biochemistry and other basic sciences, the practice of medicine will have a rational basis that can be adapted to accommodate new knowledge.

Our specific goals for the programme are to:

  • Provide a sound background in Basic Biochemistry for Students in the College of Health sciences. This includes Medical, Dental, Nursing and Medical Rehabilitation students.
  • Make students aware of the relevance of Biochemistry to Health-related professions
  • Provide a working knowledge of Medical Biochemistry that will be applicable for the practice of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Medical Rehabilitation.
  • Provide training in Medical Biochemistry at higher degree levels.