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Through the use of dynamic and innovative curricula for teaching, and with the dedication of supportive faculty members, who aimed for the best, the College offers reliable student experiences that help to train health care personnel who can work as a team, provide comprehensive health care to individuals in any community (urban or rural) in the Nation; and be up to date on issues of global health relevance.

The College is made up of the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Dentistry, the Faculty of Clinical Sciences and the Institute of Public Health.

Academic education

With sincere training curricula that is taught by exceptional and dedicated academic staff, students develops a clear orientation towards health care and its delivery.

You will discover that, clearly, the educational goals and objectives as well as the principles guiding educational programmes of the College are extraordinary.

Education perspectives

In line with the national objectives of medical education in Nigeria, the objectives of the OAU College of Health Sciences curriculum are designed in such a way that certain specific measurable knowledge, performance, attitude and process objectives are acquired by medical graduates.

View the College’s education philosophy.

Academic performance

At the core of the College’s mission is to provide cutting-edge and student-centred curricula in a scholarly environment. Without much ado, it suffices to say that outstanding performances by students in the College is encouraged and honoured.

View the list of prizes that are awarded by the different Departments and Faculties in the College.

Courses and requirements

Studying at OAU Medical School is preparing to be a leader in the medical profession by acquiring scientific knowledge and practical skills in health care with the aid of latest techniques in science; and then giving out the best to the community through worthwhile health care delivery practice.

View the courses offered at the College and their requirements.