Academic Education

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Educational goals and objectives

In order to achieve the College’s mission, the College of Health Sciences developed curricula with objectives which are in line with the national objectives of medical education in Nigeria.

  1. Train and produce health care personnel with internationally acceptable knowledge of the scientific foundations of medicine, but with a clear orientation towards the health and medical problems in Nigeria, especially in respect of the necessity for the young doctor to assume responsibility for independent actions and decision in many spheres soon after graduation;
  2. Train health care personnel so that they have, in addition to practical skill for handling common health problems and medical emergencies, a strong inclination to broad community health, preventive medicine, as well as ability to lead a health team and manage, at least, a small health service;
  3. Train, as well, other cadres of auxiliary health care personnel which can help strengthen the health team in health care provision.

Guiding principles

The structure and administration of the College’s educational programmes are guided to ensure its effective implementation in essence by the following basic principles:

  1. To make medical and other health professional education relevant to the needs of the state and the nation and to emphasize the totality of health care and corporate responsibility of all members of the health team to the health of that community
  2. To achieve efficiency and prudence in health science education, not as a matter of running inexpensive programmes, but of maximizing the returns per unit cost.