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Since inception in 1972, the College of Health Sciences (then Faculty of Health Sciences) has made major contributions to the supply of highly trained medical graduates especially to the Nigerian health sector.

Formerly instituted in the then University of Ife in 1971 as the Faculty of Health Sciences, the College has expanded into a Collegiate System formally approved by the University’s Senate in 1995 and comprises three Faculties and one Institute.

Over the years, the College has enjoyed the service of senior faculty members who are committed to its core aims. The educational and administrative policy of the College fully embraces the traditional tripod of education, research and service with greater emphasis placed on service. To this end, faculty members have done more than just teaching. They have improved health care through novel roles as scholars and physicians. They have also helped developed new and improved curricula and educational models that address emerging needs in the health sector.

Coupled with affiliation agreement with one of the prominent hospital unit in the country, Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospitals Complex, Ile-Ife (then Ife University Teaching Hospitals Complex), the College has produced over 5000 empathetic medical practitioners, nurses and dentists who are effective health team players and can assume and play leadership roles in health care delivery through the efficient application of their expertise.

The College is undaunted in its aim to train health care personnel who can work as a team, provide comprehensive health care to individuals in any community (urban or rural); and be up-to-date on issues of global health relevance.