Olaogun M.O.B.

Matthew O.B.
Department of Medical Rehabilitation
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
Research Interest(s): 
Nonphamacological management of pain

Selected Publication(s): 
Obembe A.O., Olaogun MOB and Adedoyin R.A. (2012). Differences in gait between haemorrhagic and ischaemic stroke survivors; Journal of Medical Sciences Vol.3 (9) pp. 556-561.
Olaogun MOB, Lamidi RE and Obembe OA (2011): Balance Confidence and Standing Balance Performance among Stroke Survivors with Hemiparesis: Journal of Medicine and Medical Science; Vol.2 (3) pp 750-757, March 2011.
Olaogun MOB, Ojoawo AO and Obembe AO (2010) DEPTH-EMpulse Therapy Device: Case Report of benefit in Pain Modulation. Nigeria Journal of Health Sciences Vol 10.
Olaogun, Parkins GE, Boama MO, Ado ER, Avogo D & Appiah-Kubi K (2010) Comparative Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, Cryotherapy & Placebo on Pain, Swelling & Trismus following Third Molar Tooth Extraction. Nig J of MedRehab 15:1&2,38
Olaogun MOB, Nyante GGG and Bello Ajediran I (2009): Overcoming the barriers for participation by the disabled: An Appraisal & Global view of Community Based Rehabilitation in Community Development, African J of Physio. & Rehab. Sci.: Vol.1 No.1 pp 23-28.