Emechete A.A.I

Anne Anthonette I.
BSc, PGD, M.Ed
Department of Medical Rehabilitation
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
Research Interest(s): 
Occupational Therapy

Selected Publication(s): 
Obembe A.O, Onigbinde A.T, Johnson O.E, Emechete A.A.I, Oyinlola M.J. (2008): Occupational injuries among physical therapists in south-west of Nigeria. Journal of the Nigerian Medical Rehabilitation Therapists. 13 (1) 21.
Adedoyin, RA , Ogundapo FA, Mbada CE, Adekanla BA, MSc, Johnson,OE Onigbinde AT, Emechete AAI. (2009) Reference Values for Handgrip Strength Among Healthy Adults In Nigeria. Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal 27:21-29