Egwu M.O.

Michael Ogbonnia
Department of Medical Rehabilitation
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
Research Interest(s): 
Orthoaedic Manual Therapy
Neurophysiology of pain
Musculoskeletal Pain Management

Selected Publication(s): 
Egwu M.O., Nwuga V.C.B. (2013) Symptoms of Spinal Dysfunction Mimicking Systemic Diseases (OGUNDANA SYNDROME): A Review of 35 Cases Treated with Manual Therapy over 30 Years. Journal of Family Medicine and Community Health (China); 1:1-7
Egwu et al 2012. Relationship of duration & intensity of pain with pression & functional disability among patients with low back pain. Ch 4 pp 69-78 in Low back pain pathogenesis & treatment; ed. Yoshihito Sakai. Intech, Janeza trdine 9, Rijeka, Croatia
Egwu M.O, Adeoshun I.O, Olaogun M.O.B, Ikem I.C, UkponmwanO.E.(2012) Cortical electrophysiological changes during vertical oscillatory pressure therapy in patients with low back pain. Intercontinental journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences (UK); 2:1-7.
Egwu M.O., Mbada C., Olowosejeje D. (2012) Normative values of spinal flexibilityFor Nigerians using the Inclinometric Technique. Journal of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy (India); 8:93-104.
Egwu M.O., Ajao B.A, Mbada C.E, Adeoshun I.O. (2009) Isometric Grip Strength and Endurance of Patients with Cervical Spondylosis and Healthy Controls: A comparative study. Hong Kong Physiotherapy Journal; 27:2-6